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Women's Torah Study: The Idea and the Meaning
By Dr. Hanah Kehat

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Conference on Israeli Haredi Women (June 12, 2007):

On June 12, 2007, we held a scholarly conference on various aspects of the experiences, dilemmas, images, realities, and challenges of Israeli Haredi women. This conference, the first on the topic ever held in Israeli academia, began with a key-note presentation by Professor Tamar El-Or of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was followed by three sessions each of which including several presentations.

The speakers represented a wide range of disciplines, such as history (Sharon Geva on Pesia Shershevsky), literature (Yael Shenker and Malka Schaps on women’s literature), geography (Lee Cahaner on women in the new Haredi cities), communications (Ruth Ebenstein and Rivka Neria Ben-Shahar on women in the Haredi press), and medicine (Esther Straus on the struggle with breast cancer). They presented new questions, findings, and analyses based upon the research that they conducted.

These challenging presentations sparked numerous discussions and critiques during the sessions of the conference as well as after it. The audience included men and women, Haredim and non-Haredim, graduate students as well as senior scholars, and this variety contributed considerably to the quality of the discussions. The conference was co-sponsored by the Program in Contemporary Jewry. Dr. Kimmy Caplan of the Dept. of Jewish History headed the academic committee, which included Dr. Elisheva Baumgarten, Prof. Judy Baumel-Schwartz and Dr. Yael Shenkar.