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Women's Torah Study: The Idea and the Meaning
By Dr. Hanah Kehat

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Private Mother, National Mother: Motherhood in Pre-State Israel (February 28, 2007):

The annual conference in memory of Prof. Dafna Izraeli, was held at Bar-Ilan University on the 28th of February. The organizing committee consisted of Prof. Margalit Shilo, Dr. Lilach Rosenberg and Smadar Sinai, from the department of Israel Studies and Archeology, and Dr. Tammy Razi, from the Gender Studies Program.

The entire conference was dedicated to discussing various aspects of mothering and motherhood during the "Yishuv" (pre-state Israel) period. The four sessions and fifteen papers presented introduced an abundance of new and extremely varied studies focusing on issues and perspectives such as case studies of different role models of motherhood, both concrete and metaphoric, of well-known public figures during this time period such as Henrietta Szold and Mania Shohat. Studies of concepts of mothering and symbols of motherhood, both in the collective agrarian society of the "Kibutzim", and the urban society, mainly in Tel-Aviv were presented as well at studies of different aspects of motherhood and nationality, such as the service of Jewish mothers in the British Forces during WWII.