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Women's Torah Study: The Idea and the Meaning
By Dr. Hanah Kehat

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Applications for the Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Grants (Student, Research, Travel, Translation) can be submitted untill January 1 , 2014.

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Book Event in Honor of Dr. Tova Hartman (July 9, 2008):

The center celebrated the end of a very successful academic year with a festive evening in honor of Dr. Tova Hartman on July 11, 2008. ''Feminism Encounters Traditional Judaism'' (Brandeis, University Press, 2007) was written by Dr. Hartman following her experience in the creation of Shira Chadasha, an orthodox synagogue where women are as active in the tfilla process as their male counterparts.

The book, which won the prestigious American National Jewish Book Award, was praised by Dr. Elie Holzer (Dept. of Education, Bar-Ilan University) and Dr. Elisheva Baumgarten. Dr. Hartman was commended for not having been apologetic in her narrative, and confronting a controversial subject head on. In her thanks to her supporters, Dr. Hartman explained that while many people think that we are in a post-feminist time, in Judaism, feminism still encounters many challenges.

The event was also dedicated to the 2008 Fanya Gottesfeld Heller prize recipients, who were present to accept their awards. Ruti Feuchtwanger-Segel spoke on behalf of the grantees and thanked the center and Mrs. Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, whose support was invaluable in their research. We wish all of these women good luck in the upcoming academic year.